The College of Practical Nurses is evolving. New doors are opening, thanks to our steady focus on the future and continued commitment to patient care. The contributions of practical nurses and the CLPNA are increasingly recognized and valued. Our influence is growing, as is our goal: a transformed health system with LPNs recognized as integral partners in care.

Message from the President

I am pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), which has been approved by Council and reports on the solid foundation of regulatory service your College provides.

The CLPNA is accountable to lead and regulate the profession in a manner that protects and serves the public through excellence in practical nursing. It is the CLPNA’s vision that LPNs are trusted partners and valued professionals who anticipate the changing needs in the population and lead changes in the healthcare system in collaboration with other professionals. As the President of the CLPNA Council, I am honoured to represent LPNs in this dynamic process of self-regulation.

CLPNA Council works conscientiously on behalf of the licensed practical nurses of Alberta, constantly looking for ways to excel as a provincial board and represent practical nursing with the highest degree of professionalism. Our move to a pure policy governance model two years ago has empowered us to be increasingly future focused.

Evolution and incremental change are important qualities in nursing and the healthcare system. With this in mind, in October of 2014 the CLPNA hosted the second annual Think Tank. The theme was “Planning for the Future of Seniors’ and Dementia Care”, and we hosted leaders in dementia care from Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada and Alberta. The knowledge gained from this event contributes to culture change within the healthcare system and the profession, and aids in the growth of licensed practical nurses as they work to provide authentic, collaborative nursing care.

Success takes commitment and prudent leadership. We are privileged to have Linda Stanger as our Executive Director/Registrar. Linda and her staff at the CLPNA provide leadership for our profession provincially, nationally and internationally. Their consistent and unwavering effort to move this profession forward is to be recognized and respected.

As our province once again faces economic challenges, there will understandably be changes in healthcare. The CLPNA will continue to strive for excellence in practical nursing by supporting strong standards in education, practice and registration. Alberta’s licensed practical nurses are sure to remain a very valuable resource for quality delivery of nursing care today and into the future.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge all LPNs in Alberta. Thank you for continuing to conduct yourself professionally and excelling in securing public confidence in your practice. Your commitment and dedication set you apart and make a positive difference in the delivery of quality healthcare for Albertans.

Jo-Anne Macdonald-Watson

The CLPNA will continue to strive for excellence in practical nursing by supporting strong standards in education, practice and registration.