The College of Practical Nurses is evolving. New doors are opening, thanks to our steady focus on the future and continued commitment to patient care. The contributions of practical nurses and the CLPNA are increasingly recognized and valued. Our influence is growing, as is our goal: a transformed health system with LPNs recognized as integral partners in care.


The role of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is to act in the public interest by ensuring the care Albertans receive from LPNs is safe, competent, ethical and relevant. The following report presents the highlights as the CLPNA has honoured this commitment in 2014.

Improvements continue in all key areas including policy development, registration, education, complaint management and leadership. The three-year business plan has been implemented with significant progress on all major goals. Council’s assembly of experts informs our strategy and supports planned evolution within the profession, ensuring LPNs continue to provide excellent care for Albertans. At the 2014 Think Tank on seniors’ and dementia care, we learned with our collaborative partners, we influenced the system and we strengthened our direction.

Intentional dialogue with LPNs, employers, educators, government regulators and stakeholders has increased significantly. Key outcomes include:

  • new practical nurse program approval standards set for release early 2015,
  • an updated Competency Profile to be released first quarter of 2015,
  • 93% satisfaction with our online registration process,
  • development of a state-of-the-art, online approach to our Continuing Competency Program for release in 2015,
  • continued strategy development with practical nurse educators enabling LPNs to meet the changing needs of the population,
  • continued harmonization of the LPN profession in Canada,
  • continued progress on a computer-based national exam set to start in 2016,
  • launch of a national assessment service for internationally educated nurses coming to Canada, and
  • a profession that is evolving, increasingly empowered and excelling in all areas of care in Alberta.

There is huge potential and capacity within the profession to make an even greater and extended contribution to the health of Albertans. The LPN profession in Alberta is the youngest nursing group in Canada at an average age of 38.7 years. 45% have been educated in the past five years. As Alberta’s economy becomes increasingly uncertain, government and employers will be making tough economic decisions. All health human resources will increasingly work to their potential. It’s the prudent thing to do.

CLPNA focuses on the public interest through excellence in practical nursing. Thank you to each LPN for your competent, committed care for Albertans. You make a difference every day. To the staff of CLPNA, your passion for quality service is commendable. And to our collaborative partners, you assist us to achieve our goals. Thank you.

With respect and appreciation,
Linda Stanger

CLPNA focuses on the public interest through excellence in practical nursing.