Education is the first step to empowerment for Licensed Practical Nurses, and the CLPNA ensures this quest for excellence continues every step of the way. We work tirelessly to anticipate the future needs of Albertans; to share our innovations and embrace interprofessional collaboration; and to support the ongoing competency of our dedicated LPNs – leaders in healthcare.


Part of CLPNA’s growing influence can be attributed to ongoing efforts to share our message with LPNs, stakeholders and the Albertans we work for. Here are some of the ways we did so this year.

Exploring Wellness at CLPNA 2014 Conference

From “transforming ourselves” to “transforming the way we work”, the 400 attendees at the CLPNA 2014 Conference were challenged from beginning to end. Alberta’s Associate Minister of Wellness, the Honourable Dave Rodney, was enthusiastic about the “Exploring Wellness” theme in his speech and tweet. The three-day event from April 30 to May 2 was held at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort.

Beginning with the CLPNA’s Annual General Meeting, additional events included a fund-raising Silent Auction and 30 exhibitors in the Tradeshow. Award-winning educator, nurse and author Barb Bancroft opened the conference, asking “Are we so focused on caring for others that we neglect our own health?” With examples drawn from 40 years of nursing, her hilariously informative presentation kept delegates both engaged and learning.

The Annual General Meeting was lively with an interactive presentation of the CLPNA’s 10-year Strategic Plan. Key highlights from the 2013 Annual Report, including record-breaking 10.5% membership growth, were announced.

A fresh perspective closed the event. Bill Carr’s take on how “nurturing our relationships can change surviving into thriving” asked for delegates to self-reflect. The moments spent revealing why participants chose a people-oriented career were inspiration to many.

TV and Radio Ads Promote Value of LPNs

The CLPNA continued to explore mainstream marketing to educate the Alberta public about LPNs.

Seasonal messages in two television ads were broadcast by Global TV during late December. The ads, featuring Executive Director Linda Stanger, were also used in the annual Christmas card emailed to LPNs, employers and stakeholders.

As part of CLPNA’s mandate to educate the public about the value and role of licensed practical nurses, two 30-second radio spots developed by the CLPNA broadcast for two weeks in March on hit Edmonton music stations Sonic 102.9 and 91.7 The Bounce. Complementing the radio messages was a billboard web advertisement on the Bounce and Sonic websites. The web ads featured an Alberta LPN, asked, “Why is this nurse so valuable?”, and linked to a video message on the nursing knowledge and skills of licensed practical nurses. The ad received 20,000 views during each two week run. The radio spots can be heard on CLPNA’s News & Events webpage, or by searching for “radio” on www.clpna.com.

Annual Report Website & iPad App

The CLPNA explored some new technological options to share the 2013 Annual Report: a micro website (http://annualreport2013.clpna.com) and a free iPad App (via Apple iTunes). As always, it was also published in print and mobile versions. All versions can be accessed in the Annual Report section at www.clpna.com/legislation-practice-policy.

Engaging Members and Getting Personal

Getting in touch and staying in touch with LPNs shifted to a new level in 2014 through CARE magazine, surveys, emails, website news articles and social media.

In response to last year’s Communication Survey, CARE magazine became more personal, educational and research-driven. Articles focused on continuing education and nursing research, with more CLPNA-created educational and professional content. A quarterly-feature sharing the short biographies and photos of CLPNA staff helps personalize the organization and fun polls were added to lighten the issues. The new Look Back Page shares historical nursing events, anchoring us to the longevity of the profession.

The annual 5 Minute Communications Survey asked LPNs new questions to better understand and meet their needs. From probing their continuing education needs to preferences in marketing materials to technology uptake, the insight gained from the 1529 participants is sure to influence CLPNA’s future planning.

First time surveys, such as our Registration Renewal satisfaction survey and applicant surveys, are giving positive and constructive feedback regarding member services.

Finally, heavy increases in the volume of emails, website news articles and social media kept LPNs and stakeholders up-to-date, as reflected by the growth in site visits seen this year.

LPNs are recognized by the public as professional nurses providing excellent client care.